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Superintendent Appoints Matthew Cerruto Assistant Principal at Western Middle School

Superintendent Appoints Matthew Cerruto Assistant Principal at Western Middle School

Greenwich Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Toni Jones announced today the appointment of Mr. Matthew Curruto as assistant principal of Western Middle School, effective July 1. On March 13, Mr. Cerruto was named interim assistant principal at WMS after two years as Parkway School’s assistant principal.

“Mr. Matthew Cerruto is a dedicated administrator that immediately proved himself to be a valuable member of Western Middle School’s administration team, complementing Principal Suzanne Coyne and Assistant Principal Erin Montague perfectly,” Dr. Jones said. “GPS senior administrators, teachers, and parents on the interview committee were impressed with his passion and his ability to cultivate relationships, ensuring students and families feel supported during the educational journey. His time at Parkway School was impactful for all students.”

Prior to his time in Greenwich, Mr. Cerruto was an educator with Stamford Public Schools from 2005 through 2022 as a teacher leader for student support at Julia A. Stark Elementary School, a physical education and health teacher at Stark, the Rogers International School, and Springdale Elementary School, and held a special assignment as administrative intern at Stark for six years, where his duties and responsibilities were comparable to an assistant principal.

“During my time as interim assistant principal at Western Middle School, I have had the privilege of working alongside a highly skilled and dedicated team of educators who consistently prioritize the needs of students,” Mr. Curruto said. “I am eager to continue fostering strong relationships and accelerating excellence at WMS.”